Code of Conduct

Our school's code of conduct is based on the belief that there are values fundamental to the well-being of both the individual and society and that we are all responsible for the choices we make. We at OPS believe that the code encourages students to recognize and respect diversity and individual differences. In the process, we want students to develop self-discipline, which should be considered as a core of personal activity.

♦ All students are advised to reach school ten minutes before the morning bell. It is compulsory for all students to attend the General Assembly in the morning at 8.00 am. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school once the gates are closed.

♦ Care must be taken of all school property and no student should scratch, spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw any thing on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Students are not expected to fiddle with the apparatus in the labs. Students who are negligent will be charged for the damage.

♦ All students must wear the specified, neat and proper school uniform.

In terms of class conduct special focus should be given to:

⇒Maintaining the class/school decorum all the time.

⇒ Sitting properly during class teaching and otherwise.

⇒Taking care of all property - furniture, fixtures, fittings and switch board etc.

⇒Not creating any disturbance during the teaching/learning process.

⇒Take appropriate measures to help those in need.

♦ Students are not allowed to bully or intimidate other students, staff or teachers in any problem, they are encouraged to contact the Class Teacher/ Vice Principal and/or the Principal for the redressal of complaints, if any.

♦ All students are expected to speak only in English at school and we request the parents to encourage the students to do so at home as well.

♦ All students shall bring the school diary to school every day. Parents are expected check the diary daily and sign wherever required.

♦Students should always wear their School ID card.

♦ No valuable articles and gold jewellery to be worn by the children. School is not responsible for goods, money or jewellery lost.

♦ Bicycles must be kept locked and in the space provided. No other vehicle is allowed.

♦ All cases relating to discipline will be handled by the discipline committee and forwarded to the Principal/Vice Principal for necessary action.

Disciplinary action will be taken against students found using unfair means during examinations which may result in expulsion form the school. The following practices are strictly forbidden.

⇒Use of Drugs/intoxicants

⇒ Smoking

⇒Crackers . Carrying arms/sharp instruments.

⇒Spitting/throwing litter.

⇒Indecent/rude behavior

⇒Disfiguring/damaging school property.

♦ Strict action would be taken against students who are found bunking the school or any class. All students must reach their classes within five minutes of the ringing of the bell.

♦OM Public School envisions being a vibrant community of compassionate learners and thinkers for whom excellence is a credo.


⇒ The possessions or use of illicit drugs.

⇒The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco or unauthorized prescription drugs.

⇒The possession or use of a weapon or instrument that may inflict harm.

⇒ Bullying, fighting, vulgarity or verbal intimidation; Vandalism or theft.

⇒ Offensive language or possession of offensive literature/images in any form.

⇒Disruption of lesson/activity by inappropriate behaviour.

⇒Display of affection which is not acceptable to the society at large.

⇒ Use of cell phones, i-pods, electronic-gadgets, laser pointers in the school premises. Any student found carrying them will be fined Rs. 1,500/- and the same will be confiscated. Every student is entrusted with the responsibility of informing school authority when she/he see others violating this policy.

⇒ Harassment or intimidation over social networking sites.

A Violation of Any Rule May Result In Disciplinary Action Including

⇒ Compensatory payment of charges.

⇒Assigned work related to the offense.

⇒Loss of credit for complete/assigned work or tests.

⇒Detention/in-school suspension/out of school suspension.

⇒ Expulsion.

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